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In questo blog vi parleremo dei mammiferi che vivono attorno a noi. Come puoi collaborare per aiutarne la conservazione e quali sono i loro principali problemi. Potrai anche imparare ad identificare e comprendere meglio le specie che osservi e ti racconteremo alcune delle attività che presenteremo nei prossimi mesi.

NEW paper!
What happens to the #mammal community after a #wolf cull?

The 1st of a new series from #ACMELab:

Predator control alters wolf interactions with prey and competitor species over the diel cycle

2 outbreaks of #birdflu in 🦊 2 wild red foxes 🦊 were reported in Wisconsin, #USA 🇺🇸 via #WAHIS.

Bird flu 🦠 also affects some #mammals, detecting such cases is a sign of increased surveillance in #wildlife.

Consult the full report 👉

According to the World Health Organization, rats are already responsible for causing more than 400m infections in people each year spread through bites, the fleas they transport, urine and aerosols. More than 60 pathogens can infect humans🐀🐀🐀

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